It's this time of the year. Students are back in school. We know that there are schools that have screen printing equipment sitting around collecting dust because they don't have anyone that can provide proper training on the use of screen printing. Some schools are also looking to provide screen printing in the classroom but are in the need of consulting. I am happy to announce that we'll be offering training/consulting program for the schools. Below you'll find details on what the training and consulting will cover.


During training, I will cover the following:

  • How to use Adobe Illustrator and prepare the file for printing. Cover the basics on the dos and the don'ts on artwork. Understand the limitation of the artwork when it comes to printing.
  • Coat the screens and how to use the exposure units. Understand what happens when the screen is overexposed or underexposed. How to identify a good "burn" of the screen. Reclaiming the screens when a project is complete.
  • Prepare the screens for the set up on the manual press. Understand the different techniques used on the manual press. Understand how registration and off-context works and why they're important. How to use the flash unit during the printing.
  • How to use the dryer. Understand the temperature differences with different materials and to adjust the timing and the heat to cure the print. The dos and the don'ts while using the dryer.
  • How to use the ink and the solvents. How to clean and maintain the press, tools, and screens.
  • Cover other unusual circumstances and troubleshooting. 

Training timeline is 5 full days. The timeline covers all the basics. The learning difficulty is mild, but I am committed to making this as easy as possible. The trainee(s) is more than welcome to contact me for any troubleshooting.



Nowadays, screen printing is becoming affordable and marketable. I can provide a list of things the school will need to fully operate a screen printing shop that best fits their budget and the physical space of the shop. I will provide them with a list of sources they can get for the supplies and apparels. Connecting them with the suppliers and the equipment manufacturer.


Schools are welcome to have both. I am also open to guest teaching the students as well. Please contact me at for a quote, question, or to implement a plan. All training and consulting are presented in American Sign Language.