Digital Garment Printing

Digital garment printing is ideal for small volume and quick turnaround time.

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  • Step 4: When an invoice is paid, the order moves to production.
  • Step 5: We double check to make sure everything is all good.
  • Step 6: Order is shipped or ready for pick-up.

About Digital Garment Printing

Digital garment printing is a newer imprint method involving equipment like a computer printer. There are several types of printing under this. One is known as Direct-to-Garment (DTG). DTG is a water based printer. The operator will place a shirt into a pre-treatment machine to pretreat a shirt before placing it on the printer. The pretreatment helps to keep the fiber of the garment tight, flat, and smooth. After the treatment is applied, the garment is placed on the printer. The operator will use the software to open and align the design. The operator, then, runs the printer. The printer will print the image accordingly. The other printing equipment, unlike the DTG, prints on a transfer sheet. It’s not like those DIY projects where you can print at home. This is a specialized equipment that prints using toner. The print is then transferred to the garment.