Embroidery is ideal with polos, jacket, blanket, beanie, caps, etc because the fabric is thick enough to work with the machine. It doesn’t mean that it cannot be done on a plain shirt, but consider the embroidery may weigh more than the fabric it’s sitting on. Embroidery is also ideal for certain settings such as business, school, organization, and greek life. What are the steps involved to make this happen?

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About Embroidery

Embroidery is an imprint method involving threads and embroidery machines. All design must be digitized first before using an embroidery machine. The digitization process requires the embroiderer to use a software to lay out on how the machine can execute the embroidery successfully. After a design is digitized, the data is transferred to the machine. The embroiderer sets up the colors of the thread, assign the colors, add backing to the fabric and insert the necessary accessory to the machine. The machine will perform the rendition based on the data from the digitalization. The cost of embroidery depends on the number of stitches involved. A simple design will result in lower stitch counts and vice versa.