1. The garments are printed using soy-based ink. The quality and durability are the same as any standard ink. Standard inks contain plasticizer oil which is an additive to the PVC and plastic, while soy-based inks use soy oil, making it the most eco-friendly print on the market.
  2. The chemical and solutions we use are all plant-based. No harsh or aggressive chemicals are ever used.
  3. We don’t believe in branded boxes or packages. We keep any discarded boxes and reusing them for shipping.
  4. No shirt, good or bad, ever lands in the landfill. We reuse it as cleaning material, donate to organizations, make a bag, strip and knots into a rope, etc. We’re creative and there’s always multiple uses from these shirts.
  5. There has been a growing number of available eco-friendly shirts on the market. Brands like AllMade, Econscious, District Re-Tees offer these at competitive prices.
In the near future, we hope to move toward water-free. During the pre-production, water is used to wash blow out the emulsion and to clean the screens during post-production. We tried to be mindful and minimize the use of water during production. With today’s technology, waterless screen printing is possible. We look forward to making it happen.