Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for large volume and budget friendly. Screen printing is versatile and can be used from a simple one-color print to full color complex design. What are the steps involved to make this happen?

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  • Step 4: When an invoice is paid, the order moves to production.
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About Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing method involving mesh screens. The screens are initially coated with emulsion which is light-sensitive. The imprinted design is printed on a transparent sheet which is mounted to a dried coated screen. Then the screen will be placed on an exposure unit to “burn” which is a light applying to the screen. The design on the transparent sheet will block out the light leaving the areas unexposed to the screen. After exposing the screen, the screen is simply watered. Any unexposed areas will be washed away and thus, creating a stencil. After drying, taping, and setting screens on the press, the ink is added. The printer, then, uses the squeegee which is a blade used to pull and/or push the ink through the mesh onto apparel or accessories.